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NexDataCenter is a company in Indonesia that provide premium data center and colocation server

What is Data Center Scalability?


Data center is really and crucially important for enterprises because it what keeps the enterprise run. The more users who use the company’s internet or website, it will be more files to keep and to back up. Therefore, they need a bigger data center, which means they need to improve it. Literally, data center scalability is the ability of computer or data center itself to keep working well when it is improved and changed in volume and size. Data center will definitely run better if it could be improved into a bigger one.

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Why Have Multiple Data Centers These Days


When it comes to conduct a business in this century, the way users do process as well as consume the information are influenced by several things. They are such as application delivery, IT consumption, and server virtualization. Due to all of these factors, the involvement of data center is in high demand to operate. Talking about data center, people sometimes also frequently ask about multiple data center. Is it advisable for clustering across multiple data center? In order to answer the question of why have multiple data centers these days, you can pay attention to further explanation in the following section. Continue reading…

Key Points to Consider to Manage Data Centre Remotely

Key Points to Consider to Manage Data Centre Remotely

As data center Indonesia user where the network continues to grow in size and scope of greater need, you need one obvious place to save infrastructure consolidation. One of which is by using remote management. The management system will allow you to monitor, manage, and respond to the global network from a single location. As a result, you get to resolve problems quickly and make improvements from anywhere and at anytime without fear constrained by distance. Here is an important key in managing data center remotely. Continue reading…