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NexDataCenter is a company in Indonesia that provide premium data center and colocation server

What Is Enterprise Data Center?


Do you know what is Enterprise Data Center? Maybe a lot of reader visited our page already know what is data center. But, there are a lot of people who are not familiar with “enterprise data center”. Every company with internet based needs a place to keep and back up their users file. For example, your phone needs the memory card to save your files. So basically, in a simple sentence, data center is a brain or the engine of internet. In conclusion, the enterprise data center is the center of internet for particular enterprise. This data center is usually owned by some companies which work with internet. Continue reading…

What is Corporate Data Center?

corporate data center

When the terms of corporate, data, and center were separated and deciphered singularly, it will not create a big problem. But, when the three words combined, creating a single phrase, that is where the confusion begins. For people who have not been exposed to the business world or worked in a company, they might be clueless of what corporate data center refers to. This article will give you a further elucidation about corporate data center, the function of it, and how its role playing out in the sustainability of a company. Continue reading…

What is Internet Data Center?

Internet Data Center

In its basic terms, internet data center is a special facility that becomes central host of IT equipment and operation. It features as the place where the equipment and operation is stored managed and its data disseminated. The truth is the facility holds the most critical system of the network which is vital to the daily operation’s continuity. As a result, what becomes the top organization’s priority is the data’ centers reliability and security. This is the reason why operation manager of data center is committed to do anything it takes to protect this facility. Continue reading…

Differentiating Cloud Vs Data Center


Before you are getting into what makes cloud vs data center difference, you should know first about outsourcing which may you have frequently heard. This understanding may be needed before going further to discuss about data center and cloud. The term outsourcing refers to the act of hiring another person or someone else in order to provide essential service. Some organization do this outsourcing practice to make them more focus on things or field that they can do the best. As for organization that provides outsourcing service, they can come from those who are experts within such business. Thus, they can do better job on outsourcing. Continue reading…

Is A Cloud A Data Center? Understanding the Differences

cloud datacenter

When it comes to discuss about data center or cloud, some of you will probably ask the common question like, “is a cloud a data center?” To answer this common and frequently asked question, firstly you need to know the basic regarding this matter. Data center and cloud have main differences. It is that data center is hardware of on-premise that can be used to store data in local network organization. This data center is typically run in-house. Meanwhile, cloud refers to the form of off-premise of computing. This cloud can be used to store the date on internet. Its service is outsourced for cloud providers in third-party in order to do ongoing maintenance as well as perform updates. Continue reading…