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Frequently Asked Question: Will Cloud Computing Kill Data Center?


You may have heard the information about data center which is being killed by cloud computing. This kind of information may be sent by some technology experts which is included as mixed messages. This mixed information is going to lead to question “will cloud computing kill data center?” As you know some may state that data centers are dead because the businesses thoroughly adopt cloud technology. Meanwhile, the research is going to show the growth of data centers for colocation which have never been really fast. The research is also going to show that industry is in upward curve which is exponential because of the cloud. Continue reading…

Knowing How to Avoid Cloud Computing Risks


A lot of owners of data center need to know how to avoid cloud computing risks. Definitely, there are a lot of risks that you will get from using cloud computing. What meant by cloud here is the method of data storage in virtual storage. So, you do not store your data in the hardware anymore but you store it virtually in the cloud. Is it safe? Well, safe or not safe is relative and depending on how you use the storage. Below is the explanation of how to avoid cloud computing risk. Continue reading…

The basic different between Web Hosting and Cloud Computing in 2016.


Web Hosting and Cloud Computing in 2016 become the most popular topics not only for people who lived with technology but also normal Internet user. In this modern era, people are compete to build their on-line empire business to earn money. Though common people is familiar with Web Hosting and Cloud Computing, does not means they understand about them completely. Even some people considered these 2 terms as the same object because they have the same purpose and function. So if you want to understand more about them, the first thing for you to do is learn to differentiate them. Continue reading…

Cloud Computing Basic: Understanding Different Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Basic: Understanding Different Types of Cloud Computing

With the new trend of cloud computing, it may shaken your business a little bit. Unless, you join in and start using this cloud computing technology, you may find some set back on your business. You may find this cloud computing as a foreign technology and you have less understanding about how it word and such. Then, why don’t you start by catching up learning some new things. Cloud Computing has vast collection of services. Basically, it has three different services of Software as a Service (SaaS) followed by Platform as a Service (PaaS), and last Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Continue reading…