The basic different between Web Hosting and Cloud Computing in 2016.


Web Hosting and Cloud Computing in 2016 become the most popular topics not only for people who lived with technology but also normal Internet user. In this modern era, people are compete to build their on-line empire business to earn money. Though common people is familiar with Web Hosting and Cloud Computing, does not means they understand about them completely. Even some people considered these 2 terms as the same object because they have the same purpose and function. So if you want to understand more about them, the first thing for you to do is learn to differentiate them.


Since both of them have same services and provide the same results to the clients, it is a little bit hard to see the different for common people. But if you learn more about them, you will find out that there are some differences between them. Since Web Hosting and Cloud Computing in 2016 are very popular, it will be easier for you to find all the informations about them. Basically, cloud computing service is include web hosting in it because it can be use to remote the web hosting. When cloud computing host more than one clients on it’s server, it will use web hosting service to make the scale up or down process inside cloud computing easier.


So web hosting is a business where people provide server space, web service and maintenance for the website to a company or a client who do not have their own web services. While the cloud computing is a system which is able to sharing all resources without local servers to the clients. Each of them has their own personal purpose and ways in helping their clients. This is the basic knowledge for you to understand about Web Hosting and Cloud Computing in 2016 especially when you need those services.


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