How To Manage The Complexities of Migrating to the Cloud?

How To Manage The Complexities of Migrating to the Cloud?

The development of data center Indonesia is highly advanced. This is indicated by a great amount of data center’s company. Data center is also used as the center of all the data that is accessible by all connected clients, which must be supported by large memory capacity. For easy access, you can virtualize the data center by migrating into the cloud to make it more efficient. However, in some cases, migrating to the cloud can cause some problems such as greater expenses due to rogue cloud, the difficulty of data backup and recovery, as well as inefficient cloud storage solutions. So, how to manage the complexities of migrating to the cloud?

Data protection

When you have decided to migrating data to the cloud, you should be considering how the service provider protects your data and what kind of method they use to protect them. Consider also the data storage location. Therefore, make sure that their data centers are already certified or audited, for example, located in earthquake free zone, have a stable source of electric power and so on.


Security Control

Once the data is protected, ask also the security access to your data; what is the procedure so that only people who are eligible can access your data, including access to service provider’s workers on our data. Customer service process also systematically required the approval of the owner, so if there is troubleshooting, the staff are only able to access when they have customer permission.


Multi tenancy

One cloud computing properties is resource sharing. When there are other user committing frauds or leaking of data, pay attention if there is any impact to your data. This should be a consideration because your data is physically existed in the same medium as others.

Increasing the competitiveness of IT is not simply by adding or purchasing storage units but it needs to consider the right technology that can provide the right solution for data center Indonesia.

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