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NexDataCenter is a company in Indonesia that provide premium data center and colocation server

Taking Advantage of Data Center Interconnect

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At some point of your business development, you might realize that the operation of data center in your disposal is not sufficient to establish the upcoming challenges. Regardless the challenges you face during this development, you want to achieve specific objectives. When the objectives are too big to achieve for your company, you might want to consider expanding your data center. Unfortunately, it will double the cost from the establishment to the maintenance of your original data center, which is definitely not efficient. In this case, the solution is to take advantage of data center interconnect. What is the definition of this terms and how it brings benefit to your business are exactly what we are going to discuss here. Continue reading…

Does a Data Center Help Minimize Risks? A Necessity for Your Business on the Digital Era

minimize risk

On this modern era, business is embodied with the idea of computerization and digitalization. People are more and more connected with the development of Internet as well as information technology and thus the concept of modern business can’t be separated from the digital and technological aspects. But even so, there are still businessmen and countries that believe on the conventional way in conducting their business and raise the question of does a data center help minimize risks? Continue reading…

What Colocation Can Do in Today’s World?


What is collocation? The abbreviation is colocation which means a data centre which connect between hardware and server. Usually this data centre is rented by big company who stores many data of customer, finance record, human resource update and many more. This technology grows rapidly since people do not want to spend money on purchasing filling cabinet to store all data. Therefore they prefer to use colo storage which can give high convenient, security access and hassle free of maintenance. Continue reading…