What Colocation Can Do in Today’s World?


What is collocation? The abbreviation is colocation which means a data centre which connect between hardware and server. Usually this data centre is rented by big company who stores many data of customer, finance record, human resource update and many more. This technology grows rapidly since people do not want to spend money on purchasing filling cabinet to store all data. Therefore they prefer to use colo storage which can give high convenient, security access and hassle free of maintenance.


Think about past filing system. Many big companies like insurance will purchase filling cabinet to store the record of their customers. Customers become huge and many new updates, these big companies can’t depend on filing cabinet anymore. They need colo system which giving accurate and fast respond rather than opening the filling cabinet and search the data one by one. You also need to maintain filing cabinet from dust, rust and even for several years the ink on the paper will become blur.


That’s why Colocation data centre is useful. You don’t even need to hire IT person since this colo system will give you good assistance. You don’t need to pay the equipment to rent, especially for insurance when there is disaster. All data is safe securely like cloud providers. On the other hand, you don’t need to pay the person to maintain it.

For big companies, collocation is good option. You need to make sure the location of colo which are often used by other big companies to ensure that it is reputable. However, you should take long contract so you don’t get up price when the contract is over. This business becomes popular since many big companies like bank, insurances, leasing companies, school, hospital etc are using it. They understand that customers’ data seem like jewelry which has to be kept in the safest place.

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