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Who Uses Collocation Services? Knowing the Implementation in Business

Who Uses Collocation Services? Knowing the Implementation in Business

In this modern era where the internet has played a super important role in business (and with the increasing popularity of online platform), it is important to have a solid internet connection. If you are thinking about setting up a small business of your own, you need a reliable and fast connection. Can you imagine having a sluggish and lag connection where your visitors have to wait long for the page to load? They will likely turn around, leave, and never come back – such a scheme that all entrepreneurs don’t want. So, how is the solution? There are several alternatives, really, which may include collocation service.

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Calculating Budget of How Much Does Server Colocation Cost


Why you need to know how much does server colocation cost? The cost for server colocation will help you to calculate the budget required. By figuring out the budget required, you can ensure that your server colocation will run as it is intended to be. As you might already notice, server colocation requires further maintenance as well. You need to spend more money in order to pay the maintenance. Unfortunately, the budget will not be sufficient if your budget is already spent for the server colocation. In general, the cost for server colocation is affected by several factors. Continue reading…

How to Setup Colocation Server Easily


There are many reasons why people want to use colocation server instead of the dedicated server. Regardless their reasons, they often face the same problem when doing the setup. If you also happen to have the same problem, the main thing you need to consider is the management of racks for the server. You might wonder what makes it so important. As you probably already know, the servers are connected to other equipment using cables. If you do not manage the rack in well-organized method, the cable will end up messy. Rack management for the server is also important to prevent someone unplugs the wrong cable. Proper management of server rack allows you to locate the correct cable to unplug. Continue reading…

How to Maximize Your Colocation Investment


Having the right collocation data center solution will be a great investment for your company. With this solution, your company will be able to grow into a successful company. How so? This solution will enable your website to be accessed no matter the number of the visitors. Your data will also be accessible even when the electricity is no electricity or the internet connection is down. To achieve it, you must know how to maximize your collocation investment. Continue reading…