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Data Center Types: What Is Carrier Hotel (Colocation Center)?


When looking for data center, people often find out that carrier hotel is interesting choice. What is carrier hotel (collocation center)? As it goes with most collocation server, most of its elements are rented. The rented elements are including space, equipment, and bandwidth. Other facilities such as power, physical security, and climate control are also available as well. The establishment often connected to network services and telecommunication. Business taking advantage of the carrier hotel benefits are mostly due to the low cost and easy maintenance. The maintenance is already handled by the host. Therefore, it will not bother the business who rents the facility.

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Why Is Colocation So Expensive

why is colocation so expensive

There are two ways of obtaining service for data center. Aside from using dedicated data center, some people can also take advantage of colocation server. Colocation server has plenty of benefits compared to dedicated data center. However, it also has significant downside compared to the dedicated data center. The service of colocation server is higher than dedicated data center. It is important to understand about how expensive it could be since it becomes the prime consideration when you want to use the colocation server. In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons behind this expensive cost.

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What Is Colocation Server Hosting

colocatin server hosting

Most people with medium low scaled business run a shared or dedicated hosting. While the first allows you to create and manage a web page, the later offers more. Dedicated hosting enables the customers to have more web pages. For instance, you own a well-known home interiors store in your city and want to open some branches in other areas across the country. When you will need more than one websites for each store then dedicated hosting is relevant for you. However, for a bigger company or institution, colocation server hosting will be more considerable. Now we are going to discuss what colocation server hosting is and how it differs from the other two.

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Persistent Chat Server Colocation


When you go to the main window of Lync, there you are going to find the icon of Chat Rooms which indicates that Persistent Chat has been set up on your organization. In this section you are going to know more regarding what persistent chat is. Persistent chat allows you to create discussion room based on topic which persists over time. It is where you are able to communicate as well as collaborate with some people that have common interest area. Thus, you will be able to share information and ideas by posting some messages in the real time. Continue reading…

Pros and Cons of Server Colocation


In the era where buying managed services of IT becomes the trend, there are more potential ways to help achieving business goal through IT infrastructure. The answer would be colocation and cloud as two strategies which will be able to help you to reach your goal. You need to find the best one that can support your business well. If you still wonder what colocation is, just pay attention to the further explanation in this section. By using colocation, it means that bandwidth and space are rented. By doing so, the business can use as well as maintain its equipment including servers. However, it will share some costs of physical security, cooling, floor space of data center, and power with another tenant. Continue reading…