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What is the Difference between a Server and a Client in Computing Terminology?


When dealing with IT, people often stumble across two frequently-used terminologies. Those terminologies are server and client. What is the difference between a server and a client? In this article, we are going to talk about the difference that they have. The difference between both of them might be tricky since they share similar things. The crucial difference here lies on how they work. Client refers to program that works by sending request to another program in order to take action. Meanwhile, the server is not only receiving the request, but also responding to it as well. Therefore, client can only executed a request after the server is enabling the request.

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The Next Energy Challenge of Computing

The Next Energy Challenge of Computing image

Computing always need huge energy for operation need. This triggers energy crisis happening today. Let’s see the past, especially in the 1940s, when a lot of mainframes were supported by extra power vacuum tubes. Imagine if such model is applied on Google data center’s super-computer like ENIAC; how much energy need to power that? It will consume as much as energy for all Manhattan. Continue reading…