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Types of Client Server Architecture Based on Their Tier

Types of Client Server Architecture Based on Their Tier

Good client server architecture allows the traffic on a network to flow without any problem. The architecture for such network prevents the data takes long time to be processed. Therefore, the traffic problem inside a network can be avoided. There are several types of client server architecture. All of them are categorized on the amount of tier they have on their structure. Each type has their respective design and specification. The following is the most common server architecture used on a network.

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Why Do Data Centers Have Raised Floors?


If you notice the details of physical infrastructure of the data center, you may see that all the infrastructures have raised floors. There really is a reason behind it. Generally, the raised access flooring is intended to provide sufficient place quantity of communications cable and power necessary for the data center to work. The floor is also necessary to convey cool air especially to all the cabinets. Usually, the floor has to be raised several inches according to the rules. Therefore, when a data center is built, it is usually built based on special design.

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Data Center Cooling Systems Efficiency for Less Energy and Cost


The data center cooling systems have crucial roles. Its most important role is to keep the energy bill low. The old cooling system was known to be causing energy bill sky rocketed. And the new modern system has successfully brought it back down. So when you question what was lacking from traditional cooling system, the answer is it wasted lots of money and energy. So, to build effective and efficient system there are few things you have to remember.

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Easiest data center design standards to follow.


In the past, the most popular data center design standard is a data center with good power and cooling standard. But nowadays, people realize that this standard is no longer able to build up the efficiency in modern data center. So if you ask what data center design standards to follow, make sure that your design is able to works properly and maximize the efficiency while connect the data center to the Internet and fast connection. And to decide whether your design is fulfill the requirement or not, you can do the test and check on it’s performance, time, space and experience. Continue reading…

Design Consideration for Data Center


Data center works continuously for twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. This implies that all components are always exposed to electricity power from time to time. Unless there is enough cooling system, data center can become overheating easily. If the condition is left untreated, data center might get damaged. As a result, it will not be available. This condition can create a worse effect to a business because data center availability greatly influences business activities. Thus, considering data center design thoroughly is extremely important. Continue reading…