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Why You Need Uninterruptible Power Supply Data Center

Data Centers for Convenient and Better Business

Uninterruptible Power Supply Data Center or otherwise shortened as UPS is a crucial part of data center. A data center will not be able to give satisfying result if it does not include this component. Regardless the amount of computer or server that you have, it is mandatory to install the component to your data center. Why this component is so important? In this article, we are going to talk about the important role of uninterruptible power supply on your data center.

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Does Data Center Location Matter? A Question of Safety and Accessibility


Choosing a data center location for your business is a tricky job to be done. There are several factors that have to be considered in deciding where you should locate your data center for your business. In doing so, companies and businessman had to put significant amount of investment in the form establishment, operational, support, as well as maintenance costs. Thus, there are a lot of factors that we have to analyze before answering the question of “does data center location matter?” or not. Continue reading…

Data Centers and Water Issues


Data center is an integral part in this internet era. This device is needed to store cloud data. Data center offers advantages to internet users. With this service, internet users can save more money and time. However, there is a drawback from this device. It is said that data center industry has caused drought in California. Data center needs gallons of water to keep it cool. A medium size data center with 15 megawatt power needs 80 to 130 million of water a year. It is indeed a lot of water for a single center. And there are hundreds of data centers in California alone. So multiply it and you will get amazing figures. Continue reading…

What is Green Data Center?

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Green data center becomes a hot issue these days. It is true that operating a data center is costly. Business owners must spend lots of money on monthly energy bills because data center uses lots of power to run and to cool the equipment. This condition motivates business owners to find a cost effective solution. In other words, they try to reduce electricity consumption. The lower the electricity consumption, the lower the amount of monthly energy bills is. In this case, green data center is what all business owners actually need.

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Energy Consumption and Environmental Effects of a Data Center

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Do you know that a data center consumes lots of energy and affects environment seriously? Basically, a data center uses power for two purpose; they are to run its actual equipment and to cool the equipment. It is true that a data center should be always on as it serves as the place where all information is stored. Because servers in data center are always on, they need power for twenty four hours a day. The continuous operation of servers may also overheat the sockets and other crucial components. If there is no cooling system, the overheated sockets may lead to fire.

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