Five Trends of Data Center in 2016


Employing collocation data center Indonesia will give you the best solution for your server problems. This solution will give you a lot of convenience. Thanks to this solution, you do not need to worry about maintaining and managing your data server. The 2015 almost ends. It is time for you to evaluate your current data center service. There may be some new trends that are worth your consideration. Here are five trends of data center in 2016.



Many users have high concern in the security of their data stored in the collocation data center facility.  There are two security factors that must be provided by the collocation provider. The first is the security of your data from malware. And the other is the security of the building. That’s why it is important for you to check the security features provided by the data center facility.



Next year, you must make sure that you get data center service provider that has actual certification. Only a few data center providers that have certification. You must at least choose one that has Tier III certification. You can also choose higher certification i.e. tier IV certification. Choosing higher certification will be a better option.


Green data center

Go green technology is very important. Green data center that consume less electricity is in trends.


New cooling techniques

There is an issue that data center needs large amount of water in its cooling system. Because of this, many people are concerned about it. They are afraid that it can cause drought in certain area. However, there is new data center cooling system available.



Next year, automation will be the new trend. Users will love to have their data integrated in automation. In consequence, they can access their data from one place through various devices easily.

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