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Ultimate Guide on Data Center Disaster Recovery

data center disaster recovery

Building your data center is only half step to complete the establishment. You also need to develop the data center disaster recovery as well. Developing recovery procedure for your data center allows you to protect your server. The server of data center can be considered as your investment. Failure on your data center means financial loss. Depending on how severe the data center failure, it might cause damage on the system as well. The following is ultimate guide for disaster recovery of your data center.

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Achieving the Zero Failure Data Center


Data center is a place to process the data gathered through computation. Therefore, this place is often referred as the main computerization. It consists of server centrally located in a network. The network itself can be in a local, global, or institutional range. Zero failure data center is ideal circumstance where the data center is not experiencing any failures. This condition can be achieved through several methods. The following is how to deal with problems causing failure in data center.

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How to Do Data Center Migration


Migrating or relocating data center is not a simple task to do. It takes quite a time since the whole process needs well managed plan and execution. Business that is currently running and customers’ loyalty are also at stake. It is because there are possible interruptions in the company operations since regular working schedules is becoming highly subject to change. When plan is made, the moving itself will offer latent complexities as people have to deal with muddled cables, hundreds of servers, and the applications that have stayed longer than you do.


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How to Do Server Management Virtually


Server management consists of two critical parts. Aside from the physical server management, you also need to manage the server virtually. Managing the server physically is easier since it only involves equipment and tools to keep the server running. Keeping the server in the right temperature is one example of this physical management. In other hand, managing the server virtually is something else entirely. Complicated coding and programs are required to ensure that it the server can be accessed without any problem. Since virtual management of a server is crucial, this article will mostly focus on how to manage the server virtually. Continue reading…

Relocating Data Center Building


As you probably know, data center building is packed with sensitive data stored in the server. Because of one reason and another, you probably want to relocate your data center at some point. The data of data center is often used continuously. Therefore, some considerations need to be taken before the relocation is initiated. Relocating data center is not like relocating the content of warehouse. This daunting task needs to be performed cautiously in order to prevent disaster such as network failure. The worst probably condition that might happen when you relocate data center is permanent data lost that stored by it. Continue reading…