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NexDataCenter is a company in Indonesia that provide premium data center and colocation server

How to Secure Data Center


Your data center is vulnerable from outside and inside threats. In order to prevent this from happening, regular maintenance is required. In fact, it is important to make regular schedule on what time the maintenance will be executed. Aside from performing regular maintenance, you also need to put protection on your data center as well. All of those are required to keep your data center secure. Secured data center will ensure that you can access the data center at all time. Your clients will be gladly use secure data center. Since it is good for the business, keeping the data center is the top of your priority. In this article, we are going to talk about how to make your data center secure. Continue reading…

Tier 3 Data Center Security


Data center is mostly needed to give unlimited access for its clients. In tier 3 data center, the security is relatively decent. Due to this decent security, the access interruption only happens in 7.5 minutes per month. This interruption happens because the company who own the data center is backing up the system. In order to prevent the data center from any problems that might occur, it is necessary for the data center to be upgraded with latest security system. The security for data center is categorized into two types. Physical and non-physical forms of security are the types of security system protecting the data center. Continue reading…

Ensuring the Safety and Security of a Datacenter


Datacenter may be ‘a die or a life’ asset for a company. As it keeps basically all the records and data for a company continuity, a datacenter needs to ensure its extra safety and security. So, what exactly the elements needed to ensure the safety and security of a data center? Let’s learn about those elements better so you will choose the datacenter service more wisely!

Continue reading…

Security Issues in Internet Era and How to Avoid Them

Security Issues in Internet Era and How to Avoid Them

In this era of internet, many devices are connected to the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT), such as Smartphones, wearables, home security system, and cars are some of devices that are connected to the internet. With more development of technology, hackers are getting smarter too. They create malware and viruses that can steal your data, disrupt services, and take control of your devices. It can be very dangerous. Continue reading…