Ensuring the Safety and Security of a Datacenter


Datacenter may be ‘a die or a life’ asset for a company. As it keeps basically all the records and data for a company continuity, a datacenter needs to ensure its extra safety and security. So, what exactly the elements needed to ensure the safety and security of a data center? Let’s learn about those elements better so you will choose the datacenter service more wisely!

The Criteria of the Datacenter


When planning a datacenter, you need to ensure that it fits these criteria:

  1. Availability: A datacenter is built to provide continuous and non-stop operation for a company, whether under normal circumstances or when there is damage. Hence, a data center needs to be built close to zero-failure for each of its component.
  2. Flexibility and Scalability: a datacenter needs to be able to adapt with fast growth demand, like a new service which should be provided by the data center without a considerable change to a datacenter in a whole.
  3. Security: A datacenter needs as tight as possible security and safety, whether physically or non-physically.

Basically all you need is to find a datacenter service which can meet those criteria the best.

Security Methods for a Datacenter

The security aspect of a datacenter basically holds the most complex settings. There are too many elements to be ensured, and here you will learn the details!

  1. The Datacenter building

First, you need to ensure the datacenter building itself is a safe place to keep the data. Make sure the location has the least risk from natural disaster, vandalism, or terrorism. To be more exact, the location of the datacenter building should not be in the side of main roads, near the airport, chemical factories, gas pipe track, market, sport stadium, or electrical generator center. The building must be built amidst an empty space. It should keep about 10 meters distance from other building or trees. For inside the building, installation of smoke sensor, fire sensor, and CCTV is standard safety and security which is such a MUST.

  1. Temperature

A datacenter needs adequate cooling system for the heat produced by the IT equipment and other hot sources. The number of cooling system needed should be fitted to the size of heat resulted.

  1. Power

Power capacity is the most important thing for a datacenter as it supplies all the computer and communication devices, network, and the cooling system. Aside from the main power, datacenter needs additional power sources like UPS. Corporate Average Data Efficiency (CADE) is also needed to ensure the efficiency of a datacenter usage, particularly for big companies.

  1. Backup system

Even after minimizing the risk by selectively choosing the location of a datacenter, natural disaster can still happen without we realize it. Anticipating the worst, backup system is crucial for a datacenter. Backuping data in Tape drive, CD, DVD, HDD and other media in datacenter is done directly in a datacenter.

So those are the most essential elements of a datacenter. Select a datacenter service which can ensure you the best quality of each of the element above.

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