How Much Security Level You Need to Keep Your Data Center Safe?

Nex Datacenter

The security of data center is an issue that should be addressed even before the building or room is built. It is important for businesses because it is the space where companies keep the infrastructure of information and communication technologies that they use to support their business. Due to the value of information kept in a data center, it is at high risks of data breach. Malicious attacks and compromise might attack the system, trying to steal the information. To avoid this, data center should be well protected.


Basically, the security of your data center should be made in multiple layers because it should not only about securing the network but also about securing the facility. The first step to do is to control physical access to the data center. Physical access to data center should be limited to selected personnel. These personnel should wear a badge, showing that they are among the selected personnel that are given access to enter the data center. There should be layered security systems to the facility such as fences, bollards, and mantraps.


Then, permanent guards and video surveillance are also needed to make sure that only selected personnel. The next step to do is to secure the entire network. Administrators can set the network so that you can easily know who have the access to the operating system, what is running, and who is accessing the operating system. The third step is to lock down the servers and hosts. This will give an access only to those who know the key. Whether the locking and unlocking process is automated or manual, it can protect the network from unauthorized parties. Further, the fourth step is to scan applications. Malware are often attached in applications to manipulate users. To protect a data center from malware, scanning applications using a powerful malware scanner or antivirus program.

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