Security Issues in Internet Era and How to Avoid Them

Security Issues in Internet Era and How to Avoid Them

In this era of internet, many devices are connected to the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT), such as Smartphones, wearables, home security system, and cars are some of devices that are connected to the internet. With more development of technology, hackers are getting smarter too. They create malware and viruses that can steal your data, disrupt services, and take control of your devices. It can be very dangerous.

Because of malware and virus, your home security system can be in jeopardy. Smart burglars will be able to break into your home easily. The malware will be able to steal your credit card details when you are shopping through your smartphone or PC. With these details, hackers will be able to shop freely using your credit card. There are many issues of security challenge in the internet era. That’s why you must prepare your IoT security.


Tips to prepare IoT security

For maximum security, some preparation for IoT security must be done. Here are some security preparation to protect data, privacy, and devices.

  • Device identification

Since there are various IoT that will access a network, strong device identification is needed to establish trust. Each device that accesses the network must announce itself to the network first.

The device, then, will be checked at the authentication process and verified.

  • Network access policies

Network access control policies will determine the types of devices and the location that are allowed to gain access to the network. This policy will also determine the device behavior and business functions that are permitted to do while accessing the network.

  • More about IoT security

The IoT security preparations above are made by developers. As users, we must be smart in choosing applications and anti malware software. It is important for you to read reviews before installing any applications on your devices. You must also install trusted and innovative anti malware and antivirus to protect your data and privacy.


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