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NexDataCenter is a company in Indonesia that provide premium data center and colocation server

Tier 3 Data Center

Nex Data Center

In the development of the internet connection and data changing, the data center creates the system that is called as tier. Until now, there are four kinds of the tier: Tier I, Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV. These different tier systems are used to identify the different data center that we would like to use. The more update the Tier, the better achievement we could get. The Tier I and II still have the single system while the Tier III and IV already have the multiple systems. The other function of the tier is also used to name the data center site infrastructure of the topologies design. Here are the explanations of the tier differentiation: Continue reading…

Which One Suits You? Uptime Institute vs. 7×24 Exchange


As a company that is engaged in the same world, Uptime Institute and 7×24 Exchange respond to the needs of the growing data centers in line with the big data era which is now in sight. Then, the next question will be – which one should you choose? Which company is better for your business? To help you choose what is best for your business, here are some perspectives that might make you agree or disagree. Continue reading…

Things You Need to Know about Data Center Tier

Nex Data Center

We are now living in the era where everything seems fast and is always available for twenty four hours and seven days. Internet is one of advanced technologies that have spread widely over the years. With internet, people started to create something in order to keep data in the safest place, called data center. If you have a company but do not want to spend too much budgets on keeping data, then data center is the answer. Data center and the system come in several forms, and one of them is Data Center Tier. Continue reading…