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IT Terminology: What Is a Server Based Network?


In the world of computing, network is a common terminology. The network of computing can be based on a server or working peer-to-peer. In this article, we are focusing on ‘what is a server based network?’ As the name suggests, the base for server based network is a server. The server used as the base for this network is often known as central server. In order to access the whole system, users need to send request for permission to this central server. Therefore, a central server on server based network is connected to multiple clients. Other than the access to the whole system, central server also shares data as well.

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How Application Services Network Wide Works


One of the leading technology companies develops tool called as the Wide Area Application Service. It is often known as WAAS. As the name suggest, this application service works in wide network. The tool itself is designed for a powerful purpose: to improve the performance of certain application that is implemented on a wide area network. In order to make it works properly, it needs to be connected with Wide Area File Sever. Depending on the type of system that you use, you might also need to optimize the router. It is often implemented on network that has application based on TCP.

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Enterprise Class Data Center, What You Need It for?


The internet and technology have changed the way people interact, work, live, and do business. You have to admit that our business today relies so much on them. Can you imagine the world without computers? Can you imagine the world without the internet? In the past, we might feel that it was enough to do the old school traditional sales, for instance, but not today. Technology has made it faster, easier, and simpler to do business; whether it is in manufacturing things and marketing them.

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What Services Do Data Centers Provide

Nex Data Center

For a large scale company, it is primary standard to secure their data and system operations. When the internal IT support officers are no longer sufficient to handle all the company data, professional hands are highly required. It is obviously to secure the company data that is precious and to prevent unexpected damages. The growing need of this kind of security invites the emergence of data center corporations that provide services relating to data center management. Companies that run business model using internet based application are the main parties that would need some sorts of services provided.

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Pros and Cons about Colocation Hosting vs Dedicated Server


When looking for hosting for your business, you will have two options available. You can choose either colocation hosting or dedicated server. Each option has respective pros and cons. Colocation hosting refers to particular facility leased in certain period. It means that you own the data center, but not the facility. The period often used for this leasing is either monthly or annually depending on the owner giving the lease. The price for colocation hosting is depending on the size and package offered. Of course, smaller package comes with lower bandwidth. It is highly recommended to select the size of colocation hosting package according to your need in order to save your budget. Continue reading…