Internet Exchange Point of Indonesia in Jakarta


Having a high speed internet connection is the dream of all the citizens in every country including Indonesia. Established in the early of 2002, Indonesian Association of Organizing Internet Service (APJII) agreed to unite and created the IIX (Indonesia Internet Exchange). The first time the APJII created the IIX is for the charity and has a purpose to unite the traffic between ISPs, thus the traffic of the provider does not need to go across the country to do the transit. Jakarta internet exchange points became the first region in Indonesia that has the first reasonable price of the national interconnection network. In Jakarta, the ISP which interconnected with the IIX does not need to pay for the tape width; the fee is only for the cost of physical link such as optical fiber. The ability of the IIX (Indonesia Internet Exchange) is to let the people in Indonesia enjoys the facility of fast internet connection with a reasonable price due to its simplicity and its directness (do not need the transit abroad).

The term IIX is now becoming more booming after it successfully helped the citizens of Indonesia in giving the solution for the limitation of the national infrastructure that as if it is separated from the worldwide. The IIX office location is at Cyber Building 11th Floor, Jl. Kuningan Barat 8, Jakarta 12710. This location is claimed to be the first Internet Exchange in Indonesia.

The Indonesia Internet Exchange is the place where the several of ISPs are interconnected. After being established for more than two decades, IIX has the peering for other providers than APJII members in order to raise the local tariff and improve the internet service provider in Indonesia, generally. The acceptance of the peering from other companies was launched in around 2011 as long as the company has its own IP address and AS Number from IDNIC.

The main purpose of the Indonesia Internet Exchange is to create the interconnection network that has ability and facility that is appropriate to the needs in Indonesia and to be used by the certified Internet Service Provider to be able to operate legally in Indonesia.

The most advantage of the IIX for the registered ISPs is that they do not need to pay for the width of the tape which the purchasing of the tape width could cost much. The only thing that the registered ISPs should pay is the physical link such as the optical fiber, the nircable line or the rental which is different for every ISP, which is recently the development of the new companies who served in becoming the internet provider are developing in numbers.

The Jakarta Internet Exchange Points were firstly created by the APJII. Nowadays, the IIX existed and spread along the other cities such as Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Medan and other big cities. The development of the Jakarta Internet Exchange Points have made a big turn over for the internet sophistication and the reasonable price for having the internet right in your house without spending more money to buy the tape.

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