How to Choose Premium Carrier-Neutral Data Center In Indonesia?

How to Choose Premium Carrier-Neutral Data Center In Indonesia?

When it comes to data center for business, any company would love to have the best one around. As internet connectivity is crucial nowadays, getting data center support makes an important concern in doing business. It can affect huge thing to the business. In Indonesia, the existing data center service can truly bring big challenge to compete against the global business. However, it doesn’t meant impossible to obtain premium carrier-neutral data center in the country.


First, you need to understand what you can get from this type of data center service. Unlike the commonly known data center hosting, carrier-neutral data center doesn’t have any attachment to any network, hardware and even software vendor. It’s truly neutral from any business offers that can give limitations on the capability of the data center hosting. It even can give more benefits to business, as business owner can enjoy wider option of choices for fixed and mobile carrier, content distribution networks, internet exchanges, ISPs available, and many more. Premium carrier-neutral data center would be able to provide data facilities from several providers at once as it can work as a connectivity hub for several network providers.

The big question remains there. How to locate a good premium carrier-neutral data center in Indonesia?

Basically, the criterias are the same as in elsewhere. Any business owner will look for data center hosting that can give the widest option of network service providers. Satisfying support on colocation facilities is also important to give the best data center services to be expected. Also, find data center company that bring more flexibility in setting up data center plan that fits to your needs. Unrivaled quality on the infrastructure and operation make the main standards in choosing data center hosting company. Find a well-reviewed one in Indonesia to give more capabilities to your business.

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