Providing world-class global colocation server and data center services in Indonesia

NEX offers premium-service of Data Center. Whether you’re looking to host your full IT infrastructure for main site or offsite backup, our data center is sure to provide you with the protection.

Colocation Package

Starting at Half Rack space up to fully customize cages and cabinets, we help you to optimize your data center and to add value of your business.
Half Rack
SLA 99.98% • Power 6 Amp (upgradable)
Rack 20 U (600x1100x1050 mm) • Smart Hand
Full Rack
SLA 99.98% • Power 10 Amp (upgradable)
Rack 42 U (600x1100x2100 mm) • Smart Hand
Rack with Secure Cage
  • SLA 99,98%
  • Private Cage Min.3 Rack
  • Standard Power 10 Amp (upgradable)
  • Basic Smart Hand (Reboot, Power on/Off)
  • Rack Dimension Custom

Colocation Server & Data Center Solutions

Resilient Power
Fully redundant and resilient power supplies, at a minimum of N+1, ensure guaranteed Uptime.
Our Data Center is well fitted with a comprehensive HVAC system including precision air conditioner with redundant system
Cages, Suites & Cabinet
We offer various options of services from rack Colocation, secure cage and partitioned area that could be customized according to your needs.
Energy Efficient
Our Data Center is designed to operate efficiently and we invest considerable resources into ensuring that the efficiency of our existing facilities is the best in the industry.
Source Infrastructure
Extensive physical security, including round-the clock monitoring security guard, biometric as wellvas perimeter identification access card.
Intelligent Fire Protection
By integrating advanced early smoke detection and fire suppression systems, we can reduce fire hazard at its minimum level.
  • SLA
  • Internet Providers
  • ISO
  • Certified TIER 3
    by Uptime
Cooling Infrastructure
  • Dual Cooling System
    Air and Water Cooled
  • Cooling configuration
  • Temperature
    (Celcius) 18 - 25
  • Humidity
    (%) 50 - 60
Security System
  • Site Monitoring
    24 Hour CCTV
  • Access
    Fingerprint, Biometric
  • Onsite
    24 Hour Security Officer
  • Entrance Gate
  • Power
    4 x 2 MVa (N+1)
  • Monthly Fuel Tanks
    2 x 30,000 ltr
  • Daily Fuel Tanks
    4 x 1,000 ltr
  • Recovery Time
    Below 1 Min
Electrical Infrastructure
  • Electrical Capacity
  • Power Source (PLN)
    2 Site
  • Electrical Configuration
  • PDU at Rack
  • UPS Battery
    45 Min
  • UPS Configuration
Environment Monitoring
  • Pre Detection System
  • Fire Suppression
  • Sensors
    Smoke, Fire, Water, Temperature, Humidity, Electrical
  • Notification System
    Alarm, Messaging System