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About Us


NEX Datacenter is Indonesia′s leading provider of premium carrier-neutral datacenters. Many organizations around Indonesia rely on our highly-connected, resilient and secure datacenters to maximise the efficiency of their IT operations, reduce overall risk, and free them to focus on their own core business.


Inside our network exchange resides major national and international telecoms operators, content distribution networks and internet exchanges.


Indonesia′s leading financial services, IT service provider, news portal, cloud operators and content companies use our datacenters as hubs for connecting with each other.

We′re certified 3 tier data center experts with a reputation built on reliability, flexibility, transparency and excellence in service delivery.

- Empowering your business
Rather than designing, building and maintaining your own data center, we provide a top-tier data center to empower your business. With our resilient infrastructre, you just need to focus on expanding your business.

- Quality Infrastructre and Operations
NEX data center designs and builds data center in strategic locations to provide ultimate levels of resilience, security and operational expertise with extensive connectivity.

- Flexible, transparent and customer-focused
From the first moment we engage, we are committed to provide the best solution. Our engineers and their expertise in data center will assist you all the way.

- Unrivalled Connectivity Choices
Our carrier-neutral data center delivered direct and unrivalled access to Indonesian Internet Exchange, major national and international telecommunication operators.