Data Center
October 26, 2016

Data Center Indonesia Colocation


Managing network systems as data servers is highly recommended. In this case, a data center takes a crucial role.  A data center manages the storage system by its incredible infrastructure. Besides that, a data center develops such telecommunication system for companies which become the clients. A data center plays important roles on the management systems and backup power supplies. Additionally, a data center manages the redundant data communication and connection as one of the responsibilities. As the supports of the main service, dealing with such security devices and environmental control devices are included in data center. As professional provider of data management infrastructure, an operation engineers control daily network operations occur from the control room at the data center.

It can be said that the importance of the existing data center in every country in the world is admitted. The existence of a data center in a country will support the running of business activities. It is because all big companies use information technology devices to undergo the business activities. The IT system is used to manage the internal data of the companies or to manage the website contain of the companies. Therefore, a lot of business companies rely on such IT system to support the continuity of their business work. To go on the business activities regularly, the companies must be supported with such sophisticated IT system in order to overcome any IT disturbance which possibly becomes the business obstacle. A reliable IT system is needed to overcome this problem. Here, the role of a data center is needed. It can back up any data of the business companies and fix the disturbance. Moreover, a data center has equipment for the security system to avoid data theft.

Indonesia is one of the open-minded countries which realize the importance of using the service of a data center. There are more and more companies develop their business in Indonesia. That is why, more data centers are established in more areas around the country, not only in Jakarta. Some big cities in Indonesia have data centers to help the business run around the areas. Moreover, the data centers exist in some areas of Indonesia provided extraordinary and professional working performance. It is shown form the aspects of standard data centers, such as having good infrastructure features. The infrastructure features include power resilience, energy efficiency, high service availability, high service adaptability, high secure infrastructure, and reliable fire suppression and detection.

Since Indonesia has lots of business activities which run regularly. The companies running the business must be able to decide which data center is applicable, reliable, and supportive. It can be based on the location of the data centers. As the consideration, the business companies spread all over the areas of Indonesia. Therefore, the data centers also spread over some strategic areas in this country. Indonesia colocation of data centers is located in some big cities. There are 38 colocations of data centers in Indonesia which are located in Ambon (1 center), Bandung (2 centers), Batam (2 centers), Bogor (1 center), Denpasar (1 center), Jakarta (19 centers), Kuningan (1 center), Kupang (1 center), Makassar (1 center), Manokwari (1 center), Mataram (1 center), Medan (2 centers), Palembang (1 center), and Surabaya (4 centers).