Data Center Architecture
September 5, 2017

Types of Client Server Architecture Based on Their Tier

Good client server architecture allows the traffic on a network to flow without any problem. The architecture for such network prevents the data takes long time to be processed. Therefore, the traffic problem inside a network can be avoided. There are several types of client server architecture. All of them are categorized on the amount of tier they have on their structure. Each type has their respective design and specification. The following is the most common server architecture used on a network.


The two tier architecture is considered as the most typical server architecture. In this type, the client is able to send request directly to the server. There is no medium involved between the client and the server. It also means that intervening server is not involved. Due to this simple design, this architecture type is only capable of handling up to 50 users at the same time. The database management system on such type contains the user interface. It is placed on the desktop environment for easy access. The data processing is handled by both environments of database management server and the user system interface.


Other than two tier architecture, the three tier architecture is also frequently used on a network. As the name implies, this architecture type uses three tiers. This type of architecture is often used to help clients to share application. It is designed to accommodate the problems that often occur on two tier architecture. What makes it difference with previous type lies on the middleware. Middleware is located between the environments on database management server and user system interface. The middleware is working by filtering the entry query requested by the clients to the server. Unfortunately, the development of such architecture type is running slower than two tier architecture. Despite this drawback, the architecture type is widespread used.


It is also interesting to point out that three tier architecture type often equipped with massage server or application server. Architecture type with three tier that is equipped with massage server is prioritized in a network that requires asynchronous message sharing. Meanwhile, the application server on three tier architecture type is focusing on sharing the use of particular application. Business logic and other computation can also be shared in this type as well. The best part about it is the less cost for installation and maintenance. To put it simply, the type of architecture should be selected based on the need of network itself.