Data Center Future
December 26, 2018

Get Prepared for the Features of Next Generation Data Center Technologies

Data center continues to grow, with more and more volumes of data are created each and every day. In one hand, it shows positive signs of technology development. On the other hand, it challenges data center providers or vendors to meet public demand of secure, efficient, and sophisticated data center. The so called next generation data center technologies are created to meet this requirement. What are the most up-to-date technology in data center?


3 New Features for Next Generation Data Center Technologies

With the use of cloud computing that is increasing significantly, optimized performance is mandatory. Data centers must be able to provide various services and tools to fulfill public demand. It is no longer about high capacity storage but also satisfying experience with high performance. Therefore, data center will be able to transform into business asset. The followings are cool features that you can find on next generation data center.


  1. Software Defined Data Centers

Also known as SDDC for short, this is one of next generation data center technologies. SDDC is where the data and everything will be virtualized. In information and technology realm, almost everything is virtualized and delivered into certain storage. Virtual layer takes over the data centers, making the contained data highly secured, flexible, and agile. Software defined data centers are considered new feature that many providers are moving to this.


  1. Data Center Operating System

Data center operating system or DCOS is an enhanced infrastructure with its integration to critical aspect of data center. It is clear that data centers require extended control layer. Some providers release operating control layers which are able to manage resources as well as virtual machines and users. This allows the provider to improve management infrastructure scalability.


  1. Logical and Physical Automation

Next generation data center technologies also include logical and physical automation. Due to the high traffic that data center should manage, it is not easy to achieve functional environment with manual work. Therefore, the existence of robots in data center is considered a new and great feature that will improve their services. Later, robots will be the most basic feature in next gen data centers.


  1. The better control layers

Data center has various systems, so the control layer must be diversified as well. Better control layers also become new feature that will be brought by next generation data center technologies. How does it work? For better control layer, the management console is integrated into API. It allows the API to render big data clout as well as manipulation and management. This also allows you to vie for optimum cloud scaling and better multi-tenancy.


In short, next generation data center is about to shift the old one. These cool features will provide better services in order to meet the demand of secure, agile, and reliable cloud computing data center. Next generation data center technologies are extended beyond providing storage capacity but also optimizing the service. Not to mention it will enhance your experience in using data center.