Data Center
January 21, 2016

Database monitoring security and how to choose a good one.


Lots of people asked about how important database monitoring security and how it can effect their database. Before we learn about that, we need to know and understand about database monitoring first. This database monitoring security is an activity to observe all activities on our database and give a warning and inform the user on those activities. The first thing indicate whether our database security is working properly or not is it’s ability to record every time we log and even make a report when we do not login at all. This is to prevent people with no authorities and interest to access our database and using them without our permission.


The next thing for you to know about how important Database Monitoring Security is how to differentiate it with a prevention action. Database monitoring has a very different purpose with prevention because we cannot prevent anything from happening to our database. What we need is a report or a warning when there is a malfunction or someone enter our database without permission. Once we get the report on the first place, it will be easier for us to take an action or to block our data from leaking out.


After you understand how important Database Monitoring Security is, now you need to understand how the system works. There are several types of database monitoring and each of them has its own advantages. There are remote monitoring, agent-based monitoring and proxy or reverse-proxy monitoring but the important thing above them is how they report and warning system. So before you choose one system for your database, make sure that your chosen database is able to analyze the data and provide a report which is easy to understand so you able to find an appropriate solution. Your database may contain with lots of important information and this monitoring security will protect them.