Green Datacenter
December 17, 2015

Start Using Friendly Data Center (Go Green)


Data Center Indonesia can be your best solution for green data center. This particular type of technology is very important. In this modern era, minimizing our carbon print is very important. Doing it will save the world for more serious damage. Friendly data center is very different from the traditional data center.


Why traditional data center is no longer an option?

If your current data center solution is a traditional one, then you must consider moving to a friendlier solution. The traditional one takes too much energy to run. It needs between 10 and 40 watts per square foot. It may seem not much. But, try to multiply it with the size of the server. You will find out that a server needs a lot of electricity to run. That’s why it is important for you to choose a more energy efficient one.

Choosing green data center will enable you to minimize your carbon prints. And most importantly, it will enable you to save your budget. Environment friendly data center will need less electricity to run. It will surely cut the energy bill a lot.


Green data center

When you are having green collocation data center solution, the provider will apply energy saving equipments and buildings. Nowadays, server and microprocessor manufacturers have created energy efficient data server and networking equipments. In consequence, data center provider can have them in their facilities. Moreover, they also apply energy efficient cooling system for the data center. It will surely enable them to keep the server cool without too much electricity.

Some data center providers even have solar panel on their facilities. That’s why it is a better option for you to choose a data center facility that is located in sunny or tropical area, such as Indonesia. With a lot of sun all the year round, this facility can gain a lot of solar power.