Colocation Advantages
April 18, 2017

Taking Advantage of Data Center Interconnect


At some point of your business development, you might realize that the operation of data center in your disposal is not sufficient to establish the upcoming challenges. Regardless the challenges you face during this development, you want to achieve specific objectives. When the objectives are too big to achieve for your company, you might want to consider expanding your data center. Unfortunately, it will double the cost from the establishment to the maintenance of your original data center, which is definitely not efficient. In this case, the solution is to take advantage of data center interconnect. What is the definition of this terms and how it brings benefit to your business are exactly what we are going to discuss here.


Data center interconnect is technical terms used by IT practitioners that is referring to unique set of networking. This network is connecting multiple data centers in order to achieve the same objectives. Since you will need more than one data center for this purpose, cooperation with other companies who already have data center is required. Regardless the effort and budget spend for this cooperation and building the networking, it remains lower than establishing new data center. The cooperation of multiple companies on interconnecting their data centers is based on mutual benefits. The benefits are mostly talking about achieving the same objectives thus making the companies developed faster.


If several data centers are connected through the data center interconnect feature, the companies contributed to the data centers will be able to share the resources they have. As you probably already realizes, resources are the key to successful company development. Sharing resources from multiple data centers means that your resources in your disposal are multiplied by the amount of data centers connected to this network. This networking is definitely bring more benefits to your company.


That is not the only advantages of using data center interconnect. When your data center is processing, usually it takes time to complete. The completion time is slowing down by the workload of your data center. Data center can only handle so many workloads on their system. By taking advantage of data center interconnect, the server on each data center is not only sharing resources, but also passing the workload as well. Since your data center is not burdened by too many workloads to be processed, completing particular data processing can be performed in shorter time. It is not only bringing benefits to your company, but also to the other company working together with yours.