December 9, 2016

Why Data Centers Need Air Conditioners and How to Choose It


In most data centers, you will find that the server room is colder than other room on the same building. It might intrigue you to ask why data centers need air conditioners. Before answering that question, you need to know what data centers are. Data centers are particular building containing servers that stores information in form of data. The data on data centers are analyzed for specific purposes. Depending on the type of data stored, it might be used as source to solve important problems. Due to its importance, most people take the maintenance of servers on data centers seriously.

The data collected on servers are growing. Therefore, the temperature of servers is increasing as well. If the temperature reaches critical point, the server components will not be able to work properly. In worst-case scenario, extreme temperature will burn the processor. This is why data centers need air conditioners. Since the temperature need to be set at ideal condition, it is advisable to choose air conditioner with processor-based temperature feature. Such air conditioner will monitor the temperature rise thus react accordingly. The IT support will be able to monitor the temperature changes of processor in real time. Setting the temperature on data center is the key to secure data it contains.

The data stored on data centers are analyzed all the time. Therefore, selecting air conditioning system that is able to operate continuously is the top priority. The frequent use of servers is of the reasons why data centers need air conditioners. Such air conditioning system will include backup air conditioner. Should the main air conditioner fail to maintain the perfect temperature, the backup air conditioner will take over the job. Regular air conditioners are not recommended for this purpose. In regular air conditioning system, the air conditioners only work at specific time. Outside the specific time, they cannot maintain ideal room temperature.

Temperature is not the only thing affected servers performance. Humidity is also aspects worth considering as well. Since you already know why data centers need air conditioners, it is also important to know the features that data center air conditioner should have. Humidity control is as important as temperature control. As it goes with temperature, humidity is able to affect the server performance on data center as well. It is advisable to choose air conditioning system with humidity control feature to make sure the server performance is at its finest.