September 4, 2015

Basic Knowledge about Colocation


Services provided in colocation Jakarta is starting to be used by a series of web users in the country. Colocation interpreted as a source of website management system that is appropriate for having business in the virtual world. Do you still confuse how it works? See explanation below for more details.

What is colocation?

Colocation or also often called data center is actually a product of rental (rack server) for telecom operators, content providers, IT enterprises, to SMEs. Rental space is not limited to the data center or server, but can also be telecommunication equipment such as DSLAMs, soft switches, and so on. This product usually comes with other complementary services such as international and local bandwidth, connectivity to end-users, security, power, DRC, and providing and managing server. In addition, through colocation, customers do not need to provide the software, buy software, installation and maintenance. Customers simply pay a monthly fee according to the facilities used.


What are the reasons to choose colocation?

There are several reasons a businessman choosing colocation, but one major factor is the capital expenditure associated with the construction, maintenance, and updating large computing facilities. In the past, colocation is often used by companies for recovery from a disaster but nowadays collocation is very popular with cloud services providers.


For some organizations, colocation may be an ideal solution, but there is usually a disadvantage in this approach. Distance is an obstacle when trying to touch the equipment manually and most colocation customers find themselves stuck in a long contract that could prevent them negotiates for a cheaper price. It is important to examine the colocation service agreement in order not to be surprised by hidden charges.

Therefore, choose colocation Jakarta you wish for a quick response and having affordable and adequate service. Hopefully you can get the right service for your business.