September 28, 2015

The Differences Between 2 Types of Colocation: Wholesale and Retail


Every company needs colocation data server to make sure that all their data systems are safe and sound. There are many benefits of using this kind of data center and one of them is that you do not have to provide spaces and tools to save your data. The space and the tools will all be provided by the data server company. There are two kinds of colocation and they are wholesale and retail. Below you will find the differences between those two types. Read carefully so that you will know which one is better for your company.



When your company is taking wholesale service, you as a tenant will get data center space which is fully-built. In wholesale, you as tenant will also be responsible of running and operating the IT stuff exist in the space as well. Wholesale option is great for your company if your company needs a lot of space and have limited budget. It will be great as well if your company needs power capacity above 1 megawatt. Wholesale is also suitable for a company that needs expansion room in the facility.



In retail, basically everything is simpler compared to wholesale. In wholesale, you rent many spaces and you have your own handling about the space that you rent. In retail, it is simpler because you only rent small space. It is usually an area like a rack of an area with cage. Unlike the wholesale, in retail, the responsibility of running and operating the IT stuff exist in the space belongs to the provider. Retail is great if your company only needs small space for limited time. It is also great for a company that needs power capacity below 1 megawatt. This type of colocation can provide you simple solution of data storing that will suit the budget