June 12, 2015

Colocation in Cloud Era Today


The development of communication has spread all over the world and people increasingly rely on it. Communication exists through different forms, like internet and smartphone. Everybody knows how to operate and browse on internet, and that’s why supported media tools, like server, are needed to fullfil a variety of human needs, espcially companies and institutions. There are some servers known to the public, and one of them is Colocation server. Almost all countries use Colocation, include Jakarta.


Colocation itself, is growing and server users certainly curious about the development of Colocation in cloud era today. Many company owners have reviewed on how many data centers they own right now and the location they place them. And unfortunately some of the managaments ask to themselves whether they need data centers or not since internet and business are the two worlds that change and develop every day. Fast yet flexible data centers are needed nowadays to help the owners in building their business relation without spending too much budgets on service levels. The combination of cloud and data center is the answer. The owners could gain advantages through the union.


If you are planning to build company in Jakarta, then you need services to complete your business with the data center and the cloud. Colocation Jakarta is available anywhere in Jakarta. Some of data centers in Jakarta offer bigger and wider total colocation space in which the owner will be satisfied. The space offered is 3,000 square meters. Besides, Colocation Jakarta also offers strategis locations so you will be able to do your business and activity smoothly. Extensive connections to various providers of network service are another you’ll gain if using colocation companies in Jakarta. Also you company can access Indonesia Internet Exchange directly. Do not have to focus on one data centre, you can spread your wings and start to find other data centers that make you feel comfortable.