October 5, 2016

Colocation Jakarta; Its Advantages and How to Choose the Best Provider



Colocation Jakarta provides business establishments with reliable solution to expand their IT infrastructure. At the present, there is almost no business that doesn’t rely on IT infrastructure. As their staff, partners and clients are mostly users of IT products, including computers and mobile smart devices, they need to establish an infrastructure that allows them to remain connected to those parties. When their demand of IT infrastructure is still low, they may be able to establish an in-house IT facility to accommodate their needs. When such demand grows, they generally take one of two ways to expand their IT infrastructure: they can expand their own in-house infrastructure or hire a colocation service to accommodate their expansion. Most businesses prefer the latter as there are many advantages that colocation service can provides to them.

The Advantages that Colocation Service to Offer

The biggest advantage that colocation service in Jakarta offers is the certainty concerning cost management. Clients can immediately decide whether the service that they are going to use is affordable or not the first time they make contact with their service provider. When establishing or developing their own in-house infrastructure, the establishment and maintenance cost is mostly unpredictable and uncertain. This uncertainty is almost absent when they hire a colocation service. Therefore, although colocation service can be either cheap or expensive, clients often don’t think about that as they are already happy with not having to deal with uncertainty, which in business can be devastating, when handling their server and datacenter.

The scalability of a colocation service is another major advantage that this service offers. The scalability of colocation service allows clients to pay only for everything that they use. When they need to expand their infrastructure, they only need to buy an expansion plan from their service provider without having to get through the tormenting process of buying new hardware and software equipment. The expansion can be done literally overnight. As the scalability feature of colocation service affects how much money that clients need to pay in order to use the service, this feature further enhances the cost-effectiveness of the service.

One advantage that is often overlooked by colocation service clients is the one related to legal matter. As clients, they don’t have to worry about all legal matters related to the establishment, operation and maintenance of their IT infrastructure as their provider has taken care of those matters for them.

Choosing the Right Colocation Service

With so many colocation service providers running their business in Jakarta, there is undoubtedly competition and different providers mostly offer different service quality and cost. Choosing an affordable service that offers uncompromising quality is thus necessary for every potential client. Factors to consider when hiring a colocation service include the provider’s experience, reputation, financial stability, and up time. Clients should also look into the provider’s datacenter location. A datacenter that is located near the clients’ business premises will be easier and less expensive to monitor and to maintain as among the major factors that affect their server’s operational and maintenance cost is the distance between the colocation facility and their building premises.