Data Center Architecture
August 3, 2015

Design Consideration for Data Center


Data center works continuously for twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. This implies that all components are always exposed to electricity power from time to time. Unless there is enough cooling system, data center can become overheating easily. If the condition is left untreated, data center might get damaged. As a result, it will not be available. This condition can create a worse effect to a business because data center availability greatly influences business activities. Thus, considering data center design thoroughly is extremely important.


Basically, the design consideration for data center is security, energy efficiency and reliability. The design of data center should be secured because all data stored in the servers is important for the owners. To have a secured data center, there should be multiple security systems. The systems should be able to protect both the nfrastructure and computing system. The combination of security guards, door locks, surveillance cameras and passwords helps protecting data center from intruders. Advanced temperature and humidity sensors help telling the temperature and humidity of a device. If the temperature is too hot, the cooling system can start working automatically. Airflow sensors and water leak sensors do not only help protecting data center from unwanted events but also help keeping the temperature in data center acceptable.


Then, the design of data center should support energy efficiency. It is true that data center uses lots of energy. Data center uses energy to run the system and to cool the equipment. The design should be made in such a way so that the cooling equipment can be placed on the right place easily. To cool a device effectively, cooling equipment should be placed near the device. If there is not any sufficient space to place it near the device, the equipment will only waste energy as it will not give real effects.