Data Center Architecture
June 29, 2015

Switching Data Center Architecture to Optimize The Data Center


We can say that most people around the world know about Facebook, Google or eBay because most of them are the user of those applications. But only few of them know about how those applications manage the data of their customers especially Indonesia because there are more than 200 millions potential users in Indonesia so it will be better to build data center Indonesia. Data center can be used to increase asset utilization, to improve the business flexibility and data center also can increase the response on the business needs.


After we know that data center manage lots of data, the next thing we should know and learn is about data center architecture. What it means by data center architecture is a system where all data are come or out when people need it. Just like any other data center, data center Indonesia architecture also needs a switching or maintain so it can work properly. Because if there are new data or applications come to the data center, you need a new and flexible data center architecture to manage all of them. But if you want to switch the data center, you have to know exactly about it because data center consists of skin and each skin has important part on the data center system.


To switching data center, including data center Indonesia, you need the best tips available. Not all IT guys can do this perfectly so it is better for you to find the tips from the best source from the book or the internet. The most famous data center switching is Cisco data center switching which will offer you a new flexible design and also protect the investment. Cisco data center switching also gives you the most stable layer on the data center with mobile supporting virtual machine in all data center management and action.