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Data Center Architecture
January 28, 2016

Easiest data center design standards to follow.


In the past, the most popular data center design standard is a data center with good power and cooling standard. But nowadays, people realize that this standard is no longer able to build up the efficiency in modern data center. So if you ask what data center design standards to follow, make sure that your design is able to works properly and maximize the efficiency while connect the data center to the Internet and fast connection. And to decide whether your design is fulfill the requirement or not, you can do the test and check on it’s performance, time, space and experience.


To make it easier, a data center is like a house where we keep all information safely from people who want to use them for their benefit. You need to make sure that your house is safe and impermeable and always do a regular maintenance to keep this situation. When you want to design your data center but you confuse about the right data center design standards to follow, all you have to do is to follow the right codes and always upgrade your data center. Or you can choose one of the available standards like NFPA, Uptime Institute’s Tier standard or Energy star standard.


Since the data center holds an important part on a business, you need to maximize the design quality. You can learn and find other efficiencies which will upgrade your data center’s potential so it is able to fit when the business strategy is change. It is true that make a decision on the data center design standards to follow is complicated. But as long as your data center design fulfill all those criteria on the first paragraph, your data center will be fine and able to keep your information safe from hacking activities.