Cloud Computing
January 5, 2017

Frequently Asked Question: Will Cloud Computing Kill Data Center?


You may have heard the information about data center which is being killed by cloud computing. This kind of information may be sent by some technology experts which is included as mixed messages. This mixed information is going to lead to question “will cloud computing kill data center?” As you know some may state that data centers are dead because the businesses thoroughly adopt cloud technology. Meanwhile, the research is going to show the growth of data centers for colocation which have never been really fast. The research is also going to show that industry is in upward curve which is exponential because of the cloud.

Apparently, none of these points of view are correct. So, will cloud computing kill data center? For your information, communication industry and information industry is going to just find new balance like always when they are facing disruptive technology. Aside from remote hosting concept which has been existed since around fifty years ago, the growth of cloud is huge in recent years. This huge growth is related to cable advent of fiber optic. It can give impact to the moving data cost and speed between the operation of collocated cloud and user premises.

The combination of cheap and fast fiber as well as the virtualization in large scale will be able to change many things. Virtualization can be one of business choice with effective cost once it is possible in combining servers with another user. Then physical server can be collocated on data center to optimize job with scale economy implied by resources concentration. The cloud is born once the marketers understand this idea. So, by doing this, will cloud computing kill data center?

Cloud computing will come on its own once the task needs scalable resources. For instance, the payroll is included as suitable task of public cloud. It is going to spool up the capacity in order to complete this task. After that, it will spool down to pay the used resource. This concept leads to hybrid cloud in which constant workload will be collocated to data center of commercial. However, the intensive task of scalable data such as payroll will be sent to cloud service of public when it is needed. The balance of colocation data center in term of commercial external, data center of in-house services, as well as public cloud will change. The short answer of “will cloud computing kill data center?” is that both cloud and data center have long live.