Data Center Management
May 26, 2017

How to Do Server Management Virtually


Server management consists of two critical parts. Aside from the physical server management, you also need to manage the server virtually. Managing the server physically is easier since it only involves equipment and tools to keep the server running. Keeping the server in the right temperature is one example of this physical management. In other hand, managing the server virtually is something else entirely. Complicated coding and programs are required to ensure that it the server can be accessed without any problem. Since virtual management of a server is crucial, this article will mostly focus on how to manage the server virtually.

Virtual server management is not only one method that covers the procedure of how to maintain a server. It represents the whole process starting from the beginning to the end. In order to keep the process of maintenance in place, you will need an elaborate plan. The plan should contain three important aspects. The main aspect is related to the schedule of server maintenance. A server that runs continuously will need regular maintenance to maintain its prime condition. When you maintenance the server, it should be disconnected from outside access. It is required to prevent further issue related to its performance. Since it is not efficient, you can divide the server into several sections. When you disconnected certain section of the server, the other section still can be accessed from outside. This section division should be mentioned on the maintenance plan as well.

The key to successful server management is consistency. After you taken care about the physical machine running the server, you need to take care of the virtual server as well. It is important to check the programs running on the background of the server. You need to be consistent when running those programs. The programs are mostly about how to ensure the server running as expected.

The next thing you need to consider when performing server management virtually is about protection. It is important to protect your server from cyber threats. The threats that might occur to your server are mostly viruses. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to run firewall. The firewall attacked continuously from outside will get damaged in time. It is crucial to check the firewall performance regularly. Once you execute all of those procedures, you can make sure that your server will not be harmed from either outside or inside factors.