Data Center
August 8, 2017

How Application Services Network Wide Works


One of the leading technology companies develops tool called as the Wide Area Application Service. It is often known as WAAS. As the name suggest, this application service works in wide network. The tool itself is designed for a powerful purpose: to improve the performance of certain application that is implemented on a wide area network. In order to make it works properly, it needs to be connected with Wide Area File Sever. Depending on the type of system that you use, you might also need to optimize the router. It is often implemented on network that has application based on TCP.


Wide Area Application Service in Data Center

Due to the benefit offered by this tool, wide area application service is commonly used to improve the performance of data center. Data center itself is a facility containing an array of servers. The servers of data center are mostly used to process information and storing processed data. In order to make the system works properly, it is connected to power supply. Data center is established inside controlled environment. At this rate, you might wonder what it has to do with wide area application service.


In accordance to the previous explanation, wide area application service is implemented on network that is widely used. This tool is relatively flexible. It means that it can be implemented on the network structure of data center without causing any problems. The best feature offered by this tool for the administrator is the easy management. Administrators are allowed to optimize the network. The wide area application service is able to reduce the burden on the server caused by intensive use of bandwidth application.


As you can see, a network is often burdened by application that requires great bandwidth. The bandwidth is using most of its capacity. Therefore, wide area application prevents the application needs in the whole structure of your data center. Since the tool regulates the bandwidth, the burden on data center servers is reduced significantly. It gives positive result on your data center performance.


The main question here is where to implement the wide area application service in your data center. When you look at the data server infrastructure, you will notice that it consists of few layers. The tool should be applied in the second and third layer. In the second layer, it connects the server with service device. In the third layer, it is required to make fast convergence routed network achieved.