Data Center Security
May 30, 2017

How to Secure Data Center


Your data center is vulnerable from outside and inside threats. In order to prevent this from happening, regular maintenance is required. In fact, it is important to make regular schedule on what time the maintenance will be executed. Aside from performing regular maintenance, you also need to put protection on your data center as well. All of those are required to keep your data center secure. Secured data center will ensure that you can access the data center at all time. Your clients will be gladly use secure data center. Since it is good for the business, keeping the data center is the top of your priority. In this article, we are going to talk about how to make your data center secure.

Securing data center can be performed in different methods. Data center that can only be accessed physically is considered as the best way to protect your data center. The threats attacking your data center is mostly comes from cyber world. Therefore, you cannot let them having the data from your server if it is controlled physically. Of course, the protection using software and firewall is also effective method that you can try. Consider the physical protection towards your data center is the last line of defense you have in terms of data center protection.

You might wonder what types of physical protection you can possibly implement on your data center. When it comes for physical protection, it is often associated with the security of the establishment where you put the server. In this case, the first thing you need to do is installing locking mechanism in your data center building. Make sure that the servers are located in the innermost part of your building. Therefore, it is safe from direct disturbance from the outside. You also need to give particular permission towards people who can enter the premises. The IT supports are the officials that are prioritized to get the access to the premises.

The permission to access data center establishment is badges or ID cards. The permission has barcode that identifies the person who want to access the data center. Once the barcode is clarified, the person is allowed to enter the data center. You might wonder why it is necessary. It is important to ensure that your data center is not altered by other people other than those who have security clearance to access the data center. Some advance data center establishments even involves layer of security level to make sure that their server is completely protected from outsider.