Data Center Security
January 17, 2017

Tier 3 Data Center Security


Data center is mostly needed to give unlimited access for its clients. In tier 3 data center, the security is relatively decent. Due to this decent security, the access interruption only happens in 7.5 minutes per month. This interruption happens because the company who own the data center is backing up the system. In order to prevent the data center from any problems that might occur, it is necessary for the data center to be upgraded with latest security system. The security for data center is categorized into two types. Physical and non-physical forms of security are the types of security system protecting the data center.

The performance and stability of data center is highly influenced by the security system. If the physical security system is good, then the performance of data center access will be secure as well. The data center location becomes the first point of physical security system. Location plays important role for the data center security. Data center is vulnerable against natural disaster such as earthquake, flood, landslide, and many more. If the company has to build the data center in place where flood is often occurring, then it must be located on the higher floor. The location should also be safe from riots. Those physical disturbances might be able to interrupt the connection or reduce the performance of data center.

Building security is also considered as the physical form of data center security system. The data center management should take care of the entry for its employees and visitors. The advance security system often includes biometric security to prevent unwanted visitor. Metal detector, security camera, and many other security measures should protect the hallway from entrance to the data center to the actual server room. When employees and visitors want to enter the building, it is important to fill the guest books and attendance book first. In combination with the security camera, the activity inside data center is monitored.

The infrastructure of data center becomes the next security system of the data center. The building should include uninterrupted electrical current. When the main power is off, it will be replaced with backup system instantly. Smoke detector and temperature control is the most important feature of the data center security. It is also important for the data center to be established close to firefighter and police department. It seems like unnecessary measure, but it is important since data center is vulnerable to sabotage from the competitors.