Data Center
January 11, 2017

Is A Cloud A Data Center? Understanding the Differences


When it comes to discuss about data center or cloud, some of you will probably ask the common question like, “is a cloud a data center?” To answer this common and frequently asked question, firstly you need to know the basic regarding this matter. Data center and cloud have main differences. It is that data center is hardware of on-premise that can be used to store data in local network organization. This data center is typically run in-house. Meanwhile, cloud refers to the form of off-premise of computing. This cloud can be used to store the date on internet. Its service is outsourced for cloud providers in third-party in order to do ongoing maintenance as well as perform updates.

After you understand the main difference of data center and cloud, are you still questioning, “is a cloud a data center?” but if you do, now you are going to know more regarding the security offered by data center and cloud. Data center is connected to local network. This is what makes it easier to make sure that there will be only those who have approved equipment and credential can access the information and app stored in data center. For data center, you have to be responsible with security of your own. You will also entrust the data you have to provider of third-party which may not or may have certification of up to date security.

Meanwhile, in term of cloud security, this cloud comes in external computing form. It will probably become less secure than data center or even take much work in order to provide the better security. However, cloud itself is accessible or can be accessed by anyone. Those who have proper credentials in anywhere in which there is internet connection will be able to access cloud. This accessibility can open wide array in term of exit and entry points. It also needs to get protection in order to ensure that the data transmitted from and to exit or entry point is secure. So, is a cloud a data center?

The explanation mentioned above is expected to answer the question of, “is a cloud a data center?” Nevertheless, after you know the differences and you are going to start your business, you may think which one is needed by your business. Data center is very ideal to be used by company which needs dedicated and customized system. This kind of company needs data center to give full control for them over their equipment and data. As for cloud, this system will be scalable for business needs. Cloud has potential and limited capacity according to your service plans and offering.