Data Center
April 22, 2015

Important Aspects to Consider When Choosing Data Center


The importance of data center for a business is not questionable. Data center influences the bloodstream of the business operation as it makes all of the units and divisions in the organization interconnected. As it is a very critical infrastructure in your business, data center must be selected carefully, based on the need. Otherwise, you will spend much money for thing, which you do not actually need.


Important Criteria of Data Center

There are some important criteria to consider when choosing a data center for your business. Indeed, every business is unique, just needing different data center. The following are some common (not limited to) factor to take into account.

  • Location

Data center is a physical infrastructure in the company. Where you put it influences how easy it is for your staff to access the location, whether it is for regular maintenance, repair, or upgrade. In addition, the location must not be prone to natural disasters, such as tornadoes, earthquake, or floods, as well as to fire.

  • Scale

In the first time you buy the data center, your business might be relatively small with no branch offices or units. However, you need to consider the probability of business expansion in the future. Therefore, scalability factors of the data center, such as additional space and connectivity, need to be considered carefully.

  • Reliability

Reliability of a data center is commonly measured in uptime. For instance, 9s uptime means that the data center is reliable at least 99.999%. In addition, reliability may be influenced by other factors, such as customer feedback, staff certification, and on-site support features.

  • Financial aspect

It is about not only your budget availability but also that of the provider. You need to find out about the financial performance of the provider. Otherwise, you will buy a data center, which may close in few years. Make sure that the data center serves you for at least 5 years.


Actually, there are some other factors to consider when selecting a data center. They include performance or data distribution efficiency and network ecosystem, which influence whether the infrastructure supports interconnection with business partners, customers, or distributors