September 30, 2016

The Development of Colocation Indonesia


Being the number one IT spender in South Asia and the 19th globally, Indonesia is undoubtedly a thriving market for IT industries. IT businesses in this country are so vivacious that large-scale IT-related activities are occurring regularly in it, the most recent of which include Bakrie Group’s US$25-million investment in the social network Path, KapanLagi’s merger with Fimela to form the largest online social media, and Facebook’s opening of a new office in Jakarta. This thriving business environment is obviously good news for businesses that heavily rely on information technology and an inspiring and invigorating stimulus for businesses to start exploiting this technology. As more and more individuals and businesses use this technology, colocation Indonesia begins to play and intensify its major role in providing them with reliable infrastructure and support.

Colocation service providers provide necessary IT infrastructure and supports to individuals and businesses that have to rely on it to carry out their business activities. They provide a dedicated datacenter where clients’ IT infrastructure is established, operated and maintained and support to keep such infrastructure operating perfectly. By using the service that they provide, clients can use necessary infrastructure that is both affordable and scalable. It is affordable as clients only have to pay for what they use and it is scalable as they can always upgrade the service that they use whenever necessary. With colocation service, clients reap significant advantages especially when complying with the IT law and regulation that apply in Indonesia as their service provider will be the one to be responsible for any legal matters concerning the datacenter operation. In a nutshell, colocation service in Indonesia provides a more cost-effective and efficient IT infrastructure and management solution than that provided by in-house IT facilities.
The signs of the growing popularity of colocation service in Indonesia are already apparent. Companies with premises housing datacenter can now be found in Jakarta and many other major cities throughout the country. In addition to providing colocation service, these companies also offer services including managed IT services and virtual offices. IT companies that previously offer only internet and hosting services are now also offering dedicated server and VPS infrastructure. Online advertisements promoting colocation service are now encountered more frequently on the internet. There is currently a massive wave of colocation service development and propagation in Indonesia.
With colocation service becoming a major trend, it is not surprising that this service is currently in high demand; however, for businesses that plan to use this service, caution is still needed as this service not only promises advantages that we have mentioned above, but also may impose some risks to its users, especially if they choose the wrong colocation company to collaborate with. Security will become an issue when they start to rely on colocation service. As their provider takes care of all security-related things, they may become less aware of any risks that may give rise to vulnerabilities that may harm their system. Besides, although colocation service indeed offers cost-effective solution, clients have little to no independence to control the operational costs of their server and datacenter as those costs are effectively handled by their service provider.