June 6, 2017

What Is Colocation Server Hosting


Most people with medium low scaled business run a shared or dedicated hosting. While the first allows you to create and manage a web page, the later offers more. Dedicated hosting enables the customers to have more web pages. For instance, you own a well-known home interiors store in your city and want to open some branches in other areas across the country. When you will need more than one websites for each store then dedicated hosting is relevant for you. However, for a bigger company or institution, colocation server hosting will be more considerable. Now we are going to discuss what colocation server hosting is and how it differs from the other two.


Colocation server hosting, which is more popularly called colocation server or just colo, is relatively different from the previous two. Customers do not have to deal with the server and its equipment by themselves in the two earlier hosting services. On the other hand, if one decides to have colocation server service, it means that he will be the one providing the hardware like the rack mount. This ready to use server can be grabbed in hard drive shops or even on-line. It will cut the budget to build your own server, but make sure you know how to fix it if things go wrong.


Since the customers are the ones providing the equipment, they can manage their own needs. The specification of the server, the quality, the design and how it is used are all up to the users. It is suggested that customers check the server quality because they take full responsibility over any damage. Colocation provider, on the other side, prepares the place with supporting environment to ensure servers kept there are in high security. The facilities provided usually include stable power source, cooling system, high security service with CCTV, stable internet access with a certain bandwidth, and sufficient IT experts.


The advantage of colocation server over dedicated hosting is that customers have full access to the server. Besides designing how it works and managing the data traffic, they are allowed to pay their baby a visit in the locked cabinet. This way, they can check the server once in a while or change any settings anytime. It is much more efficient than to purchase data center and run the entire maintenance on its own. In this case, company will only need to make sure they have good specification of server and lower monthly expenses for maintenance and place rental cost.