Data Center Management
July 25, 2017

Achieving the Zero Failure Data Center


Data center is a place to process the data gathered through computation. Therefore, this place is often referred as the main computerization. It consists of server centrally located in a network. The network itself can be in a local, global, or institutional range. Zero failure data center is ideal circumstance where the data center is not experiencing any failures. This condition can be achieved through several methods. The following is how to deal with problems causing failure in data center.


Causes of Data Center Failure and Its Solution

It is important for the data center to continuously working without any failures. People rely on the data center to give reliable performance. The failure on data center might cause loses in the side of people using the service. Loses of data center failure can be minimalized by making sure the servers are working properly.


In order to make the server work properly, you need to balance the load of the server. A server can only handle so much of load at the same time. Processing above the tolerated load might potentially damage the system. Therefore, it is important to distribute the load evenly through all servers. By keeping a server processing balanced load, it will work optimally over time. Distributing the load is also a conventional method to reduce the server load. It prevents overloading server condition.


Other than load balancing, it is also important to do the server administration properly. Server administration is more than documented the log, but also troubleshooting the problem on the server as well. Some of the server administration might already be automated. However, manual checking alongside with the automated checking allows you to prevent errors. Troubleshooting the problem of data center can be executed in different method. One of the popular one is through OSI layer sequentially.


The most frequent problem on data center is often associated with security of the server itself. Therefore, you also need to pay attention on the server security as well. In order to make the data center secure, it is advisable to make the system in simple condition. Fail safe mechanism should be applied as well to prevent the error spreading from one server to another.


To sum it up, data center failure is something that can be prevented. It can be prevented by looking for the potential problem that might occur. By dealing with the causes of those problems, you can minimize the chance of failure in data center.