Data Center Management
April 11, 2017

Relocating Data Center Building


As you probably know, data center building is packed with sensitive data stored in the server. Because of one reason and another, you probably want to relocate your data center at some point. The data of data center is often used continuously. Therefore, some considerations need to be taken before the relocation is initiated. Relocating data center is not like relocating the content of warehouse. This daunting task needs to be performed cautiously in order to prevent disaster such as network failure. The worst probably condition that might happen when you relocate data center is permanent data lost that stored by it.

The main key to successful data center relocation is well-planned management. One of the important notes on the management is related to the budget planning. As you probably know, relocating such crucial information is not something cheap to do. If you are not sure where to start the budgeting, it is advisable to commission IT experts to do the equation. Before the calculation begin, inform the commissioned IT experts that the cost should be reasonable. Realistic budget will help you do the relocation of data center properly. Realistic budget here is not necessarily means that it has to be as low as possible. If you plan to have low budget for relocation, you might end up with unsatisfying result.

It is never hurt to prepare for the worst-case scenario when you move important business data from one data center to its new location. During the preparation, make sure you also create recovery plan for the data. As it states previously, during the data center relocation, the data is vulnerable to lost during the process. One of the safest ways to do this is creating back up. Back up allows you to restore the data lost if there is any.

The last thing you need to do is informing both service providers and staffs who use the data from the data center. The service provider should be well-informed with the relocation in order to make few necessary adjustments to the new location. Meanwhile, the staffs also need to know when the server will be shutting down and how long it takes before the server is going online again. Such information is important in order to prevent unwanted things happened to the data stored inside the server. Things might be slightly more complicated if the company using data center need it to stay online during the relocation. In this case, you need to inform the company section of the data can be accessed after the relocation is initiated.