Colocation Tips
April 26, 2017

Calculating Budget of How Much Does Server Colocation Cost


Why you need to know how much does server colocation cost? The cost for server colocation will help you to calculate the budget required. By figuring out the budget required, you can ensure that your server colocation will run as it is intended to be. As you might already notice, server colocation requires further maintenance as well. You need to spend more money in order to pay the maintenance. Unfortunately, the budget will not be sufficient if your budget is already spent for the server colocation. In general, the cost for server colocation is affected by several factors.


  • Facility

The first factor is related to the facility. Rack for your server will consume more money than other preparations. The more space you have on the server room, the more racks you will need to fill it. More racks to be placed inside your server colocation can be translated as more money to spend. Before you calculate how much money you need to spend, the initial thing to consider is how much space available for those racks. It will give you good calculation on how much rack you need. Multiply this number by the cost for each rack. You will get the total amount of cost for the rack management. Rack alone will not affect the cost for server colocation too much. Aside from the racks, you also need to calculate other things as well.


  • Internet Connection

The next factor is about the internet connection. For accessing the content of the server, you will need reliable internet connection. It is advisable to use internet connection with stable signal. Internet connection might be costly. You will need to spend more money for better internet connection. At first, the amount of money for it seems overwhelming. However, after the colocation server is operational, the price will not be a big deal anymore. Consider this as investment for the long run.


  • Cooling System

The cost for colocation server is also affected by the cooling system as well. The panel of your colocation server is getting hot easily. This increase heat is caused by frequent use of the server. When the server is overheating, you might have trouble with its performance. Providing good cooling system will ensure that overheating will not be a problem anymore. In order to reduce the cost for cooling system, it is advisable to design the layout of the setup accordingly. The gap between the panels allows the heat to escape, thus reducing the chance of overheating significantly.